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Established in 2005, Idle Architecture Studio is a boutique design practice that works across many different fields from multi-residential, commercial, interior design and single houses.

The practice has delivered over 100 projects of varying diversity, scale and complexity, and has proven capability in both design & delivery.

Our multi-residential & commercial projects have distinguished the practice, due to the rigorous urban design response, financial viability and high quality finish.

We pride ourselves in creating innovative and original architecture that stands the test of time.


What We Do

Architecture… Obviously

This is what we do every day. We offer full project solutions from start to finish, including feasibility studies, concept design and design development through to documentation and administration. With a staff of over 10 professionals our office has designed and delivered more than 100 projects of various type and complexity. Every project is different and all have their unique challenges.

Creative Thinking

All projects are unique- client, site, program, budget, materials. To each one we bring a level of enquiry and investigation searching for the best solution, perhaps a new way of looking at and old problem. Sometimes it’s a risky process, but with risk comes reward.

Build Relationships

Behind every project is a committed client with a vision and dedication to make the project happen. From here, we carefully assemble a team of designers and consultants suited to the task. We value the input of the whole project team and treat everyone with respect. Over many years we’ve worked with a huge and diverse range of people with whom we’ve developed trust. We value our relationships and look forward to new projects and new adventures in the future.

Problem Solving

Solving problems is a large part of what we do. Providing solutions- ‘designing’ is what we call it. Whether it’s what to do with your block of land or how to build a complex project- when faced with difficult issues, sometimes it’s just a matter of re-grouping, breaking the problem down into small parts and re-thinking from first principles. Although large projects can be complex, it’s sometimes the smaller ones with confined parameters that can really challenge us.


Nothing happens in a vacuum and we understand that our regulated society is there for the common good. Every project needs approvals and these are complex and time consuming. Our office has the embodied knowledge of 100 collective years of professional experience to resolve Town Planning and Building Permit approvals, and any other statutory issues that arise along the way.

Project Management

Building is the ultimate manifestation of the hard work we do. In the last few decades the complexity and speed of construction has meant it’s more and more important that builder and architect work together to deliver high quality projects. Our office has developed the experience and systems required to assist in the construction of projects. As with many things in life our work is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration, from checking shop drawings, to solving complex construction issues, we love seeing good projects built well.

Our Projects

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Our Team

Are creative, passionate & experienced. Meet them here.
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Chris Idle
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Evan Cooper
Associate Director
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Anthony Pintaudi
Associate Director
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Megan Harrison
Practice Manager/Architect

Our Clients

Who We’ve Worked With