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Idle Architecture Studio is unique in that we are able to work on large and small scale projects effectively across a range of typologies. We collaborate with consultants and a range of experts in relevant fields to enrich the projects we work on.

Our focus is on establishing resilient relationships based on mutual trust and clear communication with our clients so that we can deliver the best outcome possible. We create innovative and functional designs that enrich the quality of people’s lives while making a positive contribution to the rich fabric of the built environment.

We have a strong track record after delivering more than 100 projects. We’re proud of the work we produce and the collaborative design process we engage in with our clients. Many of our clients return for new and different projects as a result of the personal service we provide and the strength of the relationship we build with them.

What We Do

Commercial Design

At Idle Architecture Studio our rigorous design process leads to innovative design responses, always within the operational and financial parameters of commercial architecture.

We understand that different building types, whether purpose built facilities or commercial market responsive structures, require significant research and exploration of design possibilities to uncover the optimal outcome.

We have developed sophisticated delivery methods that explore the latest in materials and construction techniques producing efficient solutions and adding long term value to the final built product.

Multi-Residential Design

Collective and medium to high density housing will be the most important form of new housing built in this country in the next century. At Idle Architecture Studio we have a real interest and expertise in developing different types of housing models that are transforming our city.

For many years we have been delivering high quality projects that are both well received in the market place and that stand the test of time.

By combining our genuine interest in sustainable future housing models and our solid expertise in the field, we have an important role to play in transforming our city.

Many of our projects are delivered to the market by private clients and as such are speculative, requiring us to constantly challenge and explore housing typologies, seeking innovative solutions suited to varying locations and occupants.

The continuing pressure on our cities has forced planning authorities to be rigorous with planning controls. As architects specialising in this genre, we have significant expertise on the interpretation and application of these controls that has been developed through the completion of many projects.


Bespoke houses are the ultimate personal expression and lifestyle investment; these projects have the ability to inspire us and transform the way we interact with the environment we live in.

Our residential projects are highly responsive, individually crafted dwellings that respond to the client’s needs while focusing on the thoughtful resolution of detail.

The success of these projects hinges on the development of a very close, trusting relationship with our client because starting with a ‘blank sheet of paper’ demands that a series of collective ideas and aspirations are developed, tested and ultimately built. Although not necessarily an easy process, it is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Interiors & Workspace Design

Interiors are the most intimate experience of our architecture.

Thoughtful interior design allows us to live, work and play in highly functional, pleasing environments. It ultimately involves the crafting of space, materials and light to create memorable environments.

Workspace design has changed significantly over the past decade as our economy has become a much more sophisticated knowledge-based workforce, focussed on more flexible, team-based processes.

Spaces need to be adaptable and creative; responsive to specific activities and able to facilitate varying communication types. ‘Working smarter’ is only possible when the physical environment facilitates and encourages innovative working practices.

Feasibility Studies

If you have an idea, we can work through the opportunities and constraints in an objective manner and determine the possibilities.

Often this involves looking at these things from first principles, preparing several design options and identifying where the ultimate outcome can be attained.

Drawing on our depth of experience and detailed research we develop the decision-making framework relevant to the prospective project.

Whether the project be commercial or multi-residential, all successful projects must be rigorously underpinned by solid financial practicalities and inspired by experience and vision.

Pre-Fabricated Housing

The new frontier of construction, pre-fabrication offers many solutions to solve cost, time and quality issues that make many projects unviable.

For many years we have explored numerous opportunities presented by pre-fabrication; in particular modules suited to mass production applications, such as hotels, student accommodation and remote housing.

We have recently utilised this specialised form of construction in the design of a multi-level, boutique hotel whereby construction time and cost were both significantly reduced.

We are currently involved in designing a remote, island resort using pre-fabricated modules in order to reduce time, cost and site disruption during construction.

How We Do It


Program & Plan

All successful projects start with a well prepared and inquisitive brief that enables the design team to understand where this project can lead.

As an office we like to look at every option; many sketches are prepared only the best are selected.



Materials are a huge part of what we do.

Understanding and developing new ways of using familiar materials is what fascinates us in the practice of architecture.


Be Playful

It’s easy to take architecture and design too seriously. Innovative design means thinking differently and taking risks.

Experiencing good architecture should be uplifting and fun and so should the buildings themselves.



Idle Architecture’s team is creative, professional and exceptionally dedicated. Its carefully balanced composition of youth and experience gives it the ability to respond with the personal touch to both large scale commercial projects and intimate residential briefs. A respectful and enlightened company culture results in smooth, well established team that can adapt and deliver when challenges arise.

They’re also really nice people. Meet them here.

Chris Idle

Director Chris Idle is passionate about innovative design and how it can change our life. Chris has created a company culture that is committed, professional, dynamic and fun. He has gained a reputation in the industry as an innovative conceptual thinker with the ability tocombine creativity with practical and economic considerations. Above all, he enjoys working closely with clients to build mutual respect and natural rapport to achieve the best possible outcome for the many projects types that the practice works on.

Chris established Idle Architecture Studio in 2005, bringing to the practice a passion for design and the built environment and a depth of experience gained

through nearly a decade of private practice in the capacity of co-director of Neil+Idle Architects. In this time he received numerous design industry awards and amassed an impressive body of built work. He graduated from Deakin University in 1993 and has taught and Deakin, RMIT and Melbourne University.

“I have always had an interest in making, and the sculptural and formal ways with which things could be put together. The buildings we design are robust yet playful, and stand the test of time. I enjoy the challenge of working in cities and developing the new urban design paradigms that will be part of our lives”

Megan Harrison
Practice Manager/Architect

Megan is a senior architect with over fifteen years’ experience. She is passionate about the built environment, especially as a vehicle to enhance daily life.

Her portfolio of work encompasses an array of public and private projects, ranging from intimate residential designs to schools, community projects and religious buildings.

Using her excellent communication skills she has worked closely with various community groups in the procurement of their projects. Similarly these skills are integral to her role in the shared management of Idle Architecture, where she works closely with Chris Idle.

Evan Cooper
Associate Director

Evan has been with Idle Architecture since its formation in 2005, bringing to the table solid all-round experience in the full breadth of the architectural procurement process. He now heads up major projects in both the residential and commercial sector and is as adept at running large project teams as he is at creating intimate and detailed residential designs.

His personable and genuine nature enables him to build strong, trusting relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

Anthony Pintaudi
Associate Director

Anthony has been working in the field since graduating in 1995. He has worked in Perth, NSW and Victoria on too many projects to mention. He an exceptional understanding of how good buildings go together and is a clear communicator and a thoughtful and rigorous designer. There is not a delivery method he hasn’t been involved with, from the traditional client-architect- builder role to the fast-track, novated models.

Anthony is totally comfortable running large project teams and if he’s working for you, you can relax.

Adrian Truan
Senior Project Leader

Adrian has significant overseas and local experience and has worked on various projects in both the public and private sector ranging from $2m to $45m. He has built a strong knowledge of composition and an understanding of materiality and construction detailing due to his extensive travels throughout the world.

Like all our staff he is a strong communicator and likes working problems through until he is happy with result. Adrian is registered with the Architects Registration Board (UK).

Laurence Clifford

Laurence first joined Idle Architecture in 2008 as a talented student while he completed a Masters in Architecture at the University of Melbourne. Since then his interest in architecture has taken him to various parts of the world, including Argentina, Germany and the Netherlands, in the capacity of work, study and general adventure.

Laurence has been involved in many projects across various stages, including town planning, sketch design, documentation and 3D visualisation, and has built up an impressive body of varied work.

Tom Kinloch
Document Manager

Tom spent many years doing and apprenticeship under Gregory Burgess, assisting with complex cardboard model building and figuring out how to put things together. Now Tom is our key delivery person, who has transferred his problem solving skills to the digital realm, working on complicated CAD software, co-ordinating the office standards and making projects happen.

Agnès Escaler Sol
Architectural Graduate

Agnès graduated with a Master of Architecture in 2014 after completing her studies at RMIT and Barcelona. Having spent her formative years in Andorra &  Spain, she brings with her a fresh angle.

Since joining Idle Architecture Studio in 2015 she has been working on a wide range of projects, bringing enthusiasm and passion to our office.

Stephen Hawken
Architectural Graduate

Stephen graduated from a Masters of Architecture from RMIT in 2015. He has an amazing work ethic and has been applying his university knowledge to work on numerous schematic design and early project phases within the office, whilst also teaching part time at RMIT.

Stephen is a talented, young professional and has a great sense of how projects should look and feel.

Maddy Hurst
Architecture Student

Maddy joined our office in 2016 and is working towards her Master of Architecture degree at Monash University.  Her enthusiasm to learn and commitment to each task enables her to contribute to various stages of each project.