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//  MARCH 2018  //

Located on the outskirts of the busy Solomon Islands’ capital of Honiara, the Coral Sea Resort is designed to maximise the fantastic ocean views whilst providing shelter to protect from the hustle and bustle and the tropical weather, especially during the wet season.

Consisting of a restaurant, ocean bar, casino, hotel rooms and luxury villas, the amenities have been thoughtfully located within the site. Whilst framing the ocean views and engaging with the beautiful established trees, the varied scale and function of the buildings has enabled the creation of open, public zones as well as quiet, private areas.

The different roof forms provide a contrast and engage playfully with the surrounding landscape. The carefully chosen materials palette combines traditional and modern elements to create a peaceful haven that entices people to linger and enjoy.

//  FEBRUARY 2018  //

Project Architect
We are a boutique practice of around 10-12 staff working from a converted warehouse in Cremorne. Our open plan office is design focussed, collaborative based and committed to delivering excellent projects. We are currently looking for a talented individual to join our friendly team. Experience on high end multi-residential and commercial projects is desired, paired with a proactive personality, strong communication skills and an exceptional design/ detailing sensitivity. Vectorworks experience (preferred but not essential) as well as basic knowledge of Rhino and fluency in Microsoft Office and the Adobe Suite. We offer an excellent opportunity for a talented person to consolidate their skills and grow with this established business.

If you think this sounds like a good fit, please email your resume and a brief portfolio of your work to:
Megan Harrison
Idle Architecture Studio
15 Cubitt St
Cremorne VIC 3121

//  JANUARY 2018  //

January 2018 marked one year in our converted warehouse! In 2013 we purchased a run down 1920’s brick warehouse in Cubitt St Cremorne.  Despite its obvious potential it had sat unloved for many years and was in need of some major work. Where to start…? We installed a mezzanine level, inserted a light well, re-roofed the entire building and re-aligned the beautiful timber trusses and converted it into a functional, open-plan office space. The existing brick-work and block-work, original timber roof- trusses and various other original details were retained and restored. Where new elements were inserted we ensured that they were complimentary to the original materials- textural, rich yet understated.  Large feature windows provide priceless snapshots of this historic precinct as well as allowing natural light to enter into what was an originally deep and dark space.

//  NOVEMBER 2017  //

Designed by Idle Architecture Studio, for Gibson Property Corporation & Roche Property Holdings, Mason Point’s ALBA is nearing completion. Consisting of thirty-nine apartments, thirty-five townhomes and over 1000m2 of retail, ALBA is the latest addition to the Mason Point Mixed-Use Project in Mill Park, Melbourne. The architecture of ALBA is bold in its interlocking and repetition of irregular forms, creating depth and engaging with the surrounding landscapes. The striking material palette has been carefully composed, including masonry block, contrasting aluminium paneling and steel details.

//  OCTOBER 2017  //

Evan and Adrian recently attended an interesting and useful seminar arranged by Wood Solutions on the subject of mid-rise timber construction. The seminar touched on different methods of timber construction and their advantages and limitations in mid-rise situations, who the key players and manufacturers are, lessons learnt from the world’s tallest timber building, and what the future of timber construction could be in Australia. Idle have positive experience of using timber construction and our Mason Point apartment building is nearly complete; this 4-storey building has 3 levels of lightweight timber-frame above a concrete base. We’re always in interested in investigating the use of timber in our buildings and look forward to upcoming projects making the most of this beautiful, sustainable construction method.

//  SEPTEMBER 2017  //

What a night! We had a fun evening of music, paella and friends as we warmed our new warehouse office.

//  NOVEMBER 2016  //

Work is moving quickly on site at Tribe Hotel, Perth. Five levels of the modular rooms created from shipping containers have been placed on site within the last two weeks!