Architect's Warehouse

After purchasing a run-down 1920s brick warehouse in the heart of Cremorne, we embarked on the task of envisioning its transformation into the new home of Idle Architecture Studio.

Despite its obvious potential, the warehouse had been neglected for many years and needed some major work. We began by installing a mezzanine level, introducing a light well, re-roofing the entire building, and realigning the beautiful timber trusses that spanned the site. While preserving its essential character, the old warehouse underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a light-filled, open-plan office space.

Throughout the renovation, we made a conscious effort to retain and restore the existing brickwork, blockwork, original timber roof trusses, and other original details. Whenever new elements were introduced, we ensured they harmonized with the original materials, exhibiting a textural richness that remained understated. The inclusion of large feature windows not only offered valuable glimpses into the historic precinct but also flooded the once dark and deep space with natural light. It’s a happy tale of urban renewal.