Lake Tahoe House

Lake Tahoe House is a two-storey residence located in Incline Village on the north shore of Lake Tahoe, a freshwater lake in the Sierra Nevada of the United States. The brief for the house was to create a multi-generational home that would be adaptable for the extended family. The unique climate of Incline Village means there are substantial periods spent indoors, which influenced the design and use of interior spaces. The goal was to establish a strong connection to the landscape through carefully arranged view opportunities.

The new house, designed for a family of four, addresses the challenges posed by the sloped site and local climate conditions. The floor plan is a thoughtful response to the clients’ requirements, providing a spacious double-height living area with breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding landscapes.

The building’s form is defined by two levels with distinct materials. A two-level foyer with a staircase at the entry divides the private and public areas of the house. The lower level features a masonry facade, creating a sculptural podium that defines the entry walkway from the street. This level accommodates the family’s bedrooms and a study area.

Moving up to the upper level, the living spaces follow a linear progression from the kitchen to the dining area and the living room, all with an east-west orientation. At the end of this progression, a large deck with a swimming pool faces south towards the lake. Surrounded by mature pine trees, it provides a spacious outdoor area for the family and their friends to enjoy.

The roof design takes into consideration the local snowy alpine climate, with a minimum 10% pitch gradient and a distinctive pitched roof facing the swimming pool. This design element creates a magnificent view of the lake from the living room. Additionally, a custom-sized sliding door can be opened as needed to connect the living area with the outdoors.