Rosebury Townhouses

Rosebury is a collection of eleven meticulously designed townhouses. The design incorporates a high standard of material finishes, with natural timber, masonry, and landscaped elements complementing the distinctive characteristics of the Hawthorn area.

Each townhouse consists of four levels, including a rooftop terrace and individual basement garages. Private entrances to each dwelling allow occupants to have a sense of individual address and a distinct feeling of ownership of their space.

Occupant comfort was a key consideration in the design. Each townhouse features generous ceiling heights and large windows in the living and bedroom areas, allowing natural light to filter deep into the building and cross ventilation to reduce the reliance on artificial cooling methods. Exterior screens and operable shutters also contribute to maintaining a comfortable, passive indoor climate while providing privacy for occupants.

Creating beautiful and enduring outdoor environments was a crucial aspect of the design for each residence. Rosebury is nestled within a leafy streetscape and ensures private open spaces at both ground and rooftop levels. The orientation of the building allows these external living areas to capture the afternoon sun, while the rooftop offers stunning views of Melbourne’s CBD skyline.