Tribe Hotel

Tribe Hotel Perth is the result of a collaboration between Idle Architecture Studio and Tribe (MP Direct) that began in 2008. The project aimed to develop an efficient and design-focused prefabricated module suitable for hotels and other applications. Tribe Perth is the first realisation of this collaboration.

Situated on a modest-sized site in West Perth, the design responds to the surrounding neighbourhood, incorporating a uniform modular form that engages with the context. The hotel comprises 63 stacked prefabricated modules over seven levels. Each module consists of two highly resolved hotel rooms and a central corridor. The rooms are compact yet functional, equipped with a bathroom, desk, robe, and under-bed storage. A central core provides access to lifts, stairs, and utility rooms. The ground floor accommodates a communal gathering area where guests and the public can engage in various activities, including social interaction, dining, or providing a workspace for laptop use.

The project successfully integrates traditional building methods with off-site modular construction, reducing construction time, costs, and environmental impact. The assembly of the 63 modules took only 14 days after the podium was constructed.

Innovative technologies and materials are employed in the facade design, reflecting the contemporary style of the Tribe Hotel brand. The project represents Tribe’s innovative entry into the Australian hotel market, showcasing the benefits of modular construction.

Interiors with Travis Walton