Xero Offices I

Xero, a dynamic global online accountancy software company, embodies principles of technology, efficiency, and connectivity, driving its rapid expansion with a fresh and upbeat approach. Idle Architecture Studio drew inspiration from these traits when designing ‘Xero Office I’.

At its core, the design reflects a modern workplace that warmly welcomes visitors. The industrial ambiance is infused with abundant natural light streaming in from the north and south. Upon entering the open-plan office, glimpses of the ‘spill-out area,’ informal meeting room, kitchen, and staircase offer a sense of the overall space. The careful craftsmanship of the blackbutt reception desk sets the standard for the meticulous detailing and materiality maintained throughout the design.

Moving upstairs, the industrial mood gracefully transitions into a stylish open-plan workspace. Here, custom-designed desks, timber partitions, and cable management pillars seamlessly cater to the functional requirements of a contemporary office environment. The design strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics, creating a workspace that reflects Xero’s vibrant and forward-thinking culture.