260 Burwood Rd

260 Burwood Road, the headquarters of Xero Australia, contributes to the timeless character of the Hawthorn Innovation Precinct. The design of the building aims to mitigate its scale by emphasizing the horizontality of the expressed slab edges. Additionally, the undulating façade, made of basalt and glass, refracts and reflects light, shadow, and glimpses of the leafy surroundings.

Pedestrians are welcomed by an activated streetscape that invites them to linger beneath the cantilevered level one slab, handing over the north-eastern corner of the site to the public realm. The façade expresses the entry through a break in the otherwise continuous floor slabs and a setback inset of bronze glass, which connects the recessed upper levels.

Within the building, various workplace environments are arranged around a light-filled atrium that connects the four upper levels. This design fosters connectivity, which is integral to the Xero operational model. The building also incorporates end-of-trip facilities, dedicated wellbeing spaces, and onsite food and drink outlets. The program is designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind, enabling the building to evolve in the future.