Alphington House

The Alphington House extends the existing single-storey Californian Bungalow, creating a striking two-storey modern addition. The design skillfully contrasts the pitched roof of the original building with contemporary elements, establishing a clear distinction between the old and the new. By elevating the rear extension within the backyard, the ground floor spaces facing the northern aspect benefit from environmental protection, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor areas.

The new upper level and refurbishment of the existing house provide space for bedrooms and home offices. Meanwhile, the rear ground level extension accommodates the kitchen, living, and dining areas, ensuring a functional layout that prioritises openness, connection to the outdoors, and practicality.

To promote sustainable living and resource efficiency, the Alphington House incorporates extensive solar harvesting coverage and storage, maximising the utilisation of renewable energy sources. Additionally, rainwater harvesting systems are in place to collect and reuse water for toilets, washing, and irrigation purposes. These environmentally conscious initiatives showcase a commitment to reducing the environmental impact and fostering a greener lifestyle at the Alphington House