248 Burwood Rd

This bold commercial office development is situated on the arterial Burwood Road, featuring four levels of office space above a ground floor foyer and café area, accompanied by three basement parking levels on a sloping north/south site. The design introduces a visually dynamic addition to the streetscape, effectively engaging with Burwood Road at different scales. The building massing has been intentionally divided into three distinct parts to reduce visual bulk and respond to the opportunities and constraints of the site.

The ground level corner has been carefully eroded to create a pedestrian forecourt and outdoor café space, leading to a light-filled public foyer with a double-height void. Recycled brick, timber, and concrete materials have been thoughtfully selected to activate the pedestrian interface, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere.

On levels 1 and 2, a truss-like concrete external structure cantilevers above the entry forecourt, offering privacy and sun shading while framing the podium form towards the streetscape.

The upper two levels feature a recessive design, characterized by a fully glazed bronze curtain wall that captures the leafy hawthorn outlook and provides extensive city views.

Internally, the lift and stair core have strategically been positioned along the eastern boundary, allowing for maximum flexibility when considering internal fit-out options and ensuring spacious open floor plates.

With its distinctive architectural elements and careful spatial planning, this commercial office development seamlessly combines visual appeal with practical considerations, resulting in an inviting and adaptable work environment that inspires and engages its occupants.