Emporia Apartments

This building stands as a prominent landmark in the area, located on Commercial Road, opposite Prahran Market. Its design showcases a fluid curvilinear form that interacts with an orthogonal podium, creating a sense of freedom and playfulness that contrasts with the surroundings. The design philosophy aimed to create a robust and heroic building typology, drawing inspiration from the large historic emporia buildings while striving for autonomy and incorporating familiar elements from the city’s urban fabric.

The façade incorporates a filtering device in the form of a screen, which frames the views from within and provides a semi-solid surface. The building achieves a striking form through a combination of heavy and light elements, utilising white cement concrete panels, glass, and bronze aluminum panels. Abundant natural light, pleasant views, and high-quality internal finishes enhance the appeal of all apartments.

On the first floor, communal areas overlooking the street offer both indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage engagement with the vibrant surroundings. The outdoor area, nestled within a meticulously crafted garden, features a floating canopy above and timber panelled walls. The welcoming foyer seamlessly extends the atmosphere of the apartments above through the use of carefully selected, high-quality raw materials. With 150 apartments spread across eight levels, ranging from one, two, to three bedrooms, and with retail spaces on the ground level, this building effortlessly combines design and functionality to provide a harmonious living environment.