Evelyn Apartments

In the heart of Ringwood’s vibrant activity centre, this boutique mixed-use development features 45 apartments that offer a diverse range of one and two-bedroom layouts to cater to various residential needs. A dedicated level accommodates strata commercial office spaces, complete with an independent foyer and lift access. To bolster the building’s sustainable credentials, the upper-level car park is cleverly hidden behind a vertical evergreen planting screen.

The ground-level foyer presents an inviting design outcome, with a combination of timber battens against monolithic cement rendered surfaces. Retail spaces with high ceilings can be conveniently accessed from Maroondah Highway, providing a flexible complement to the activity centre.

The overall design thoughtfully caters to the location, allowing for ample natural light, ventilation, and overall amenity throughout the mixed-use spaces. The building’s form brings uniqueness to the residential component by incorporating a series of extruded aluminum window shrouds, vertical landscape elements, and environmentally sustainable design initiatives. The residential interiors feature stylish contemporary design and the apartment emphasize a strong connection between the indoor and outdoor spaces.