Fitz & Kerr

Fitz & Kerr is a seven-level residential development comprising 23 high-end apartments, along with basement parking and ground floor retail spaces. Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of Fitzroy, just moments away from Melbourne’s CBD, the building benefits from the advantage of dual street frontages.

The architectural design of Fitz & Kerr pays homage to the rich history of the suburb while making a bold statement with its diverse materiality. Within the existing streetscape, characterised by various architectural styles, the development stands out with its combination of concrete, masonry, and fluted metal upper façade detailing.

The design incorporates a robust masonry podium spanning levels 01 to 02, providing a solid and visually appealing foundation for the development. Moving upwards, level 03 introduces recessed negative spaces, adding depth and visual interest to the building’s façade. The fluted façade form that spans levels 04 and 05, creating a striking visual impact.

Interiors with Telha Clarke