Coral Sea Resort & Casino

Coral Sea Resort, situated in the bustling city of Honiara, comprises a restaurant, bar, casino, pool, hotel rooms, and villas. All these facilities have been designed to optimise the sea views and cooling breezes.

Initially, the remote location prompted an investigation into the use of prefabricated, modular construction. However, it was determined that traditional timber construction, utilising local labour and building techniques, would be more efficient and cost-effective.

After master-planning the site, construction began on the main building, which houses the reception, bar/restaurant, and casino. The design aimed to make the best use of local materials and trades, while capturing the stunning sea views wherever possible. The pitch of the main roof, featuring a part-thatched, part-timber lined ceiling, frames views across the pool and out to sea. With three open sides, this area offers a sheltered space to witness the spectacle of tropical weather patterns, with beautiful sunny mornings often followed by torrential afternoon storms.

The resort provides two types of accommodation. Towards the site’s boundary, there is a three-level, thirty-room hotel that offers panoramic views across the Iron Bottom Sound. The five free-standing luxury villas are located on the central lawn, adjacent to the pool and ocean bar.

The transformation of this unused land on the outskirts of Honiara into a welcoming, green oasis has been a remarkable and satisfying journey. The resort not only serves as a major employer for local people but also stands as a preferred tourist destination.